Who We Are

About Us

At Aruthura Consultancy, we spend time to analyse client’s business, goals and functions. The main focus remains on the client at all times. A team of professionals and experts is then pooled together, having expertise, skills and experience over various regulatory and industrial domains in which the client operates. This multi-disciplinary team then goes into the complex issues and comes up with a seamless advice model for the client. Solutions to complex issues such as new business models, mergers, acquisitions, tax strategies are entirely based on the advice of this team. The objective is to innovative and develop out of the box solutions with a view to provide value enhancement for our clients.

It is this diversity of the needs of our clients, which challenges us to strive to find the best solutions for each one of them.

“Our strength lies not only in our execution ability, accessibility and approachability to our clients but also in our competent fee structures which provide better value for our clients.”

Our Resources

Services provided by our firm are backed by substantial resources consisting of a top notch team of in house professionals, network of associates, an extensive client base spread all over the world, and sizeable infrastructure armed with the most modern communication and information technology solutions.strive to find the best solutions for each one of them.

“Our stringent code of ethics and shared values provide the critical platform on which this entire infrastructure operates to render the brand of services which distinguish us from our competitors in the services market.”



We believe in giving our 100% to everything we do. We provide innovative and out of box solutions with a view to provide value enhancement for our clients. Client service standards adopted by our firm not only codify but also reflect the commitment levels to our clients. A culture of accountability to each other and our clients is the norm with us.


Whether at the collective level of the firm or at the individual level of the employee, we respect and fully maintain the confidentiality of client’s information. Maintaining our client.


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The firm is committed to maintain integrity and quality in sustaining the public’s trust and client’s confidence. Honesty, integrity, independence, ethics and objectivity are the bench marks on which performance of the firm and its personnel are measured and tested every moment.