Custom Duty Consultancy

Imports into India are charged with duties in the nature of customs duty and in the nature of turnover tax on import. The following are the most important: Basic Duty: It is the “standard rate” of tariff. Currently it is either 7.5 % or 10 % for most goods.

Additional Duty (Countervailing Duty) (CVD):

The Additional Duty is equal to the Excise Duty levied on a like product manufactured or produced in India. For most goods the rate currently stands at 12% (effectively 12.36% including Education Cess).

Special Additional Duty (Special Countervailing Duty):

Imported goods are also liable to Special Additional Duty having regard to the maximum sales tax, local tax or any other charges for the time being classified on a like article if it was sold or purchased in India. It is calculated at 4%. However, this duty is refundable if the imported goods are sold by the importer as such (no manufacturing) after payment of applicable VAT or Central Sales Tax.