Labour Law Compliance Review & Risk Management

Compliance with Labour and Industrial Laws has gathered enormous momentum in the last few years. Especially compliance with respect to employees employed through Contractors and off-roll employees is getting more challenging because the Law recognizes principal employer as the one who is responsible in case the contractor fails to comply. This area has assumed significant importance from the risk management perspective considering the legal implications and reputational risks attached with non-compliance. Moreover, “Labour Laws” is a very specialized area, requiring additional managerial attention over and above the routine internal audit function. RSBCo. is equipped to review the Labour Laws compliances in organizations in order to provide greater assurance to the management and the HR function that risks associated with non compliance of these laws are prevented or mitigated properly. We have dedicated team of professionals with background and domain knowledge of the Labour and Industrial Laws. Additionally, our expertise in Internal Audit and Risk Management services across diverse industries gives us a unique perspective to provide Labour Laws Compliance Review service.